Holy Land Tour

We invite you to continue the tradition of the Christian Holy Land Tours throughout the ages and to set out in the footsteps of Christ on a journey to the source of our Christian faith. Planning and execution of such a journey require precision and reliability, and we have established a firm reputation for reliable and dedicated service. We would be glad to tailor make an itinerary for your particular group and look forward to offering you one of our Holy Land tours.

Whether you are looking to organize a tour of the Holy Land for your church, congregation, study group or any other group, we are happy to help.

Our tour operators will help customize your pilgrimage according to your specific:

  • Travel dates
  • Length of stay
  • Expected group size
  • Requested grade of hotel
  • Sites to include in your itinerary
  • Meetings with local congregations
  • Special requests

Our team of Tour Operators will work with you hand in hand while organizing your trip. On arrival in Israel you will be met at the airport by the Tour Operator you have been working with. We will remain in contact with you throughout your visit, ensuring all your groups’ needs are taken care of and your questions answered.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a quotation and help in organizing your group’s tour.

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