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Established in 1944.

Women's Child Care Society is a civil charitable, non profit and independent organization based in Beit Jala since 1944. It aims at providing all necessary activities to empower and raise the living standard of women, children and youth on a social, health, and educational level. Since its establishment the society provided a number of significant projects that contributed in promoting the living conditions of the local community in Beit Jala, namely:

• Establishing a medical infant maternity center in 1944.
• Providing a First Aid Center and a feeding center during the Nakba in 1948.
• Establishing an embroidery workshops in 1968.
• Building a housing project with 15 apartments in 1972.
• Implementing youth and children focused programs such as Open Window Youth Program which aims at creating generation of Palestinian youth who appreciate and uphold the social values of our people, the program includes implementing activities such as: summer camps, Theater and Drama workshops, and lectures on different issues, youth health awareness programs and leadership training in addition to entertainment activities.
• Establishing a Food Production Unit in 2006 as an income generating project for the society, the productions of the kitchen (FPU) is well sold in the local market.
• Renovating the Auditorium in 2006, this helps the society create different acitivities for the youth, women and their families.

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Saint Nicolas St., Beit Jala
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