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The Latin Patriarchate shares the ‎unspeakable pain of the Coptic Church

by LPJ

 A bomb attack claimed the lives of at least 25 Coptic Christians ‎gathered for Sunday Mass, December 11, 2016, in the Orthodox Church of St. ‎Peter and St. Paul, adjacent to the Cairo Coptic Orthodox Cathedral, currently ‎under renovation.

The Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, in communion with all the Churches of the ‎Holy Land, condemns with the utmost firmness this heinous act which, with the ‎utmost violence, ripped the lives of innocent people in prayer in a holy place.

The Patriarchate shares the grief of the Coptic Church and expresses its ‎closeness and prayers during their terrible ordeal. May these martyrs, who have ‎died because of their faith, intercede with our Lord for peace in the country and ‎in the region!

The Jerusalem church reaffirms its support for the Coptic Church of Egypt, ‎continually the target of attacks, violence and intimidation of all kinds. On ‎January 1, 2011, a bomb attack in front of a Coptic Church in Alexandria, where ‎the faithful gathered to celebrate the New Year, killed 21 people.‎

The Patriarchate prays that the initiatives and measures that have been set in ‎place by the Egyptian government for the protection and free exercise of ‎worship of the Coptic community, and religious minorities in general, will ‎continue to be implemented and be successful, despite the difficulties and ‎threats.‎

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