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Synod 2018 for the young people of the Holy Land

The young Catholics of the Holy Land took part in a preparatory meeting for the Feast of Christ the King and for the Synod of Bishops 2018.



Synod of Bishops in 2018 focused on young people. Starting with the theme "Young people, faith and vocational discernment", the youngsters of the Holy Land set off in preparation for the synodal event.

Parish Priest - Ramleh
"Young people are the hope for the future and they represent the Church of tomorrow, so it is very important for them to have a distinct path and a bright future. The Church is preparing young people, especially for the upcoming Synod, to help them distinguish [the different] voices in the world. We must guide them so that they learn how to discern between different vocations and so that they become aware of the importance of the call, keeping in mind that it is God who calls all.”

"We prepared for several weeks to be able to choose the meeting events and each of us had a specific role. It is very important to attend: there are questions whose answers we cannot find.”

The meeting combined prayer and reflection for the approximately 200 young people who traveled from different northern cities of the Holy Land, on the Saturday before the Feast of Christ the King, [Feast of the] Lord of Time and History, the beginning and end of all things.
It was a day of training and spirituality for all who gathered at Ramleh [for the event].

"This is the second year I attend the celebration of the Feast of Christ, King of the Universe. Here we hear stories of various vocations by more people, we know their way of life. Here, people meet and become acquainted.
25 of us came from Nazareth. It is so good to join the rest of the young people of the Holy Land and work together so that we can be one.”

Vicar General Latin Patriarchate for Israel
"Our role in the church, in the society and in the family is to love these young men and women: they are our children and they are the future of the Church. Our role is to help them understand what their inclinations are and what they can do.
God is the one who is developing their vocation. He accompanies us throughout our lives. Christ is our greatest companion.”

(Gen 12,1).
"These words – introduced by the Holy Father in the written letter when presenting the preparatory document - are now also addressed to you: they are the words of a Father who invites you to go towards a future that, although unknown, is bearer of safe accomplishments. He is leading you toward that future.”

Parish Priest - Ramleh
"The Pope wants to send a message to the youth: they must be an example, they must know how to live today, how to choose their future and how to become a model for the rest of the society. Sensible youth will be the living church that calls and preaches to every human being on earth.”

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