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When we partner with others, we believe we can have a bigger impact. Our relationships with other highly motivated individuals, businesses and organizations help to amplify caring throughout the world.

Our partnership provides a greater level of engagement such as your organization’s name, logo and link on

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This is the links of our friends and partners websites:

Bethlehem Arab Women Union

Bethlehem AWU is a Non-Profit Charitable, Social and Cultural Society, founded in 1947 in Bethlehem. Its first mission was to support needy Palestinian Women by providing them jobs  that enable them to have a decent life.

The Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust

'Living Stones of the Holy Land Trust is a Christian ecumenical charity seeking to advance understanding about Christianity in the Holy Land and countries around, and to promote contacts between Christian communities in Britain and those in the Holy Land and neighbouring countries. Their associated Michael Prior Memorial Fund is able to help Palestinian students with bursaries for certain types of post-graduate study.'

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