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Journey from Bethlehem to Jordan: young people in solidarity with the refugees

Follow-up to the initiative shown last week in favor of refugees in Jordan: we followed the creators of the project from Bethlehem to the refugee camps in Amman.

The representatives of the General Administration of the Schools of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and the "Shepherds" Palestinian band, from the project "From Bethlehem to Bethlehem", took a close look of the situation of refugees living in Jordan.

Through symbolic gifts and even a Christmas concert, they brought spiritual and material comfort to these people who were forced to abandon their land.

In Amman, the Jordanian capital, a special prayer, animated by a chorus of more than 250 Syrian and Iraqi children, took place.

Iraqi Refugee
"This is the first time that someone approaches us with such a beautiful initiative. The choristers treated the children as if they were professionals and they were very happy. I really saw enthusiasm in our students. Today was a great day and I want to thank you very much. I was very happy with this performance. I also want to thank the students who came to express solidarity with their peers, giving them these wonderful gifts. Thank you so much!"

Here, those who came to express solidarity discovered the true meaning of the Word of God: ”

Iraqi Refugee
"I thank the students from the schools of the Latin Patriarchate in Palestine. We pray for you.”

"How sad it is to lose your homeland, your home and even your family. How sad it is to feel devastated, without a shelter," said Francis, one of the founders of the Shepherds group.

Leader – Shepherds Band
"Today, we are at the pinnacle of happiness, we are at the peak of our talents as musicians, as believers and as Christians and, more importantly, we reached the highest point as human beings, because we are with our brothers-refugees in these difficult circumstances and we say to them: This is my message to them. This is our message, from the Ar-Ru'aa band, from the General Administration Office of the schools in Palestine and from the children of Palestine, who have contributed splendidly to bring joy to the children and smiles on their faces and in their hearts, bringing them these wonderful gifts.”

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