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In the city where Jesus was born, a family manufactures decorative objects for Christmas


The idea of manufacturing colored glass objects as Christmas decorations originated in Bethlehem over ten years ago. Mervat Giacaman is the woman who, driven by a strong passion for art, came up with the idea. Her family members were carried away by the same Christmas spirit. 

Mervat Giacaman
"I started making Christmas creations like angels and other decorative objects for the Christmas tree. Then I perfected my work, made it my profession, and I started experimenting with more sofisticated artwork, such as boxes and office supplies."

Raja describes the meticulous production process required (for the creation of these decorative objects).
Raja’i Giacaman 
"First of all, we clean and cut the glass according to the size we want. Then we smooth it with a machine and later we finish it by applying a coating.”

The colored glass industry has been known since antiquity, but with the technique of the Giacaman family, the material used to produce glasses and bottles has taken shape in new items that can be used on all occasions, especially on Christmas. In Bethlehem, production and sales increase considerably in this period. Creating each object takes time and requires patience, but it is much simpler, with everyone's collaboration.

Mervat Giacaman
"Everyone has their own responsibilities, because at the end of the day, teamwork is more fascinating.”

Mervat's family business, she says, has already participated in exhibitions in Vienna and in Italy and exports many pieces to Germany.

The initiative of this family demonstrates that with creativity and obviously a lot of effort, it is possible to overcome the financial crisis and build a more decorous future.

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