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Home of Peace, on the Mount of Olives, celebrated its 50th anniversary


The Home of Peace, which welcomes children in need, celebrated its 50th anniversary with a mass animated by the Salesians and concelebrated by the Apostolic Administrator of Jerusalem, Mons. Pierbattista Pizzaballa, along with numerous priests, including Monsignor Marco Formica, the Holy See's Attaché, and the Custodial Vicar, Father Dobromir Jasztal.

In addition to the representatives of Israeli and Palestinian civil authorities, the celebration was attended by the Polish Chief of Cabinet and the Polish Prime Minister, who both read messages of felicitations. There were also volunteers, friends and benefactors of the mission carried out by the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth, represented for the occasion by the Mother General. The Provincial with their own council and numerous nuns of various religious congregations that were visiting Jerusalem were also present.

Sister M. Samuela Werbinska
Superior General - Congregation of the Sisters of St. Elizabeth
"Both the home at the Mount of Olives, right here, in the heart of Christianity, and the other home we have in Bethlehem are dear to us. They are twin homes, where the nuns seek to build a community of peace and joy, trying to help the children grow with very important values, including, most importantly, peace.”

The children animated the mass singing to the top of their lungs and truly moving all the present!

Apostolic Administrator - Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem
"I believe this is a unmistakable way of being church here in Jerusalem, a church that is praying in the holy places, a church that is proclaimed in the Bible centers where the Word of God is studied and where charitable works are being carried out, where love is present through institutions, including this one in particular.”

It was a day of celebration and the younger ones, were, of course, the protagonists: after all, they are the reason for all this!

In a multicultural show, they performed in music and dance typical of their country of origin!

A special day for Sister Rafala Wlodarczak, founder of the House of Peace. In addition to having inspired this work, she literally got her hands dirty by actually helping in the building of the home structure on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem.

Sister Rafala Wlodarczak
Founder – Home of Peace
"I came here in 1961, as a missionary. When we started working with our founder, trying to assist the poorest people and the children, we felt we were incapable of helping them. We later opened two homes for them, which we see as a real miracle. And this mission continues."

In 1967, Soumaya was the first child to be welcomed in the home!
With the help of the sisters, she grew up with dignity and had a chance for a good future.

"The beginning was very difficult for us, but we were happy and during hardships, the nuns used to say to us:
God does listen. The nuns nourished our faith.
I teach there on Fridays and Sundays now, during my free hours: I am now a teacher and I am giving a hand as a volunteer.”

Half a century of history that was marked by determination, love and faith!

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