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A list of Museums & Cultural Centers in Bethlehem District:

Al Bad Museum

The museum houses several ethnographic and archaeological artifacts depicting the process of olive oil production. The exhibits demonstrate the use of olive oil for lamps, medicine, food, soap, cosmetics, etc.      

Contact Information:   Tel # 02 -274 1581
Opening Hours: Monday –Saturday 8:30 – 14:30

Anat Women Folk & Cultural Centre

The Centre provides both local and international markets for hand-made crafts of all kinds (including embroidery, greetings cards, woven carpets, glass and pottery) produced by more than 1,200 women from self-help groups, co-operatives, refugee camps and women’s committees around the country. 

Contact Information:
Address: Near the Municipality, Beit Sahour      
PO Box 1003, Beit Sahour, Palestine      
Tel/Fax:972 (0) 2 2772024      

Artas Folklore Center

The folklore centre provides a window into the “most studied village in Palestine.” Artas has been the focus of archaeological study for centuries, and this historical building serves to highlight the village’s cultural and ecological blessings. The centre also has a programme to protect threatened buildings and hosts an in-house folklore troupe that delivers traditional performances.      

Contact Information:
Folklore Center 02 276 05 33       
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Baituna Al Talhami Museum

The establishment consists of two houses of typical Palestinian architecture, which include a renovated kitchen, a diwan, a bedroom, and an upper floor or illeyeh. The contents of the museum include a collection of traditional Palestinian household items displayed in an old house.

Contact Information:Tel # 02 274 2589
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 10-12 a.m; and 2-5 p.m

Bethlehem Peace Centre

The Bethlehem Peace Centre is a cultural centre with the aim to promote and enhance peace, democracy, religious tolerance and diversity. Its central location on Manger Square makes the Bethlehem Peace Centre the natural gravitational point for the citizens of Bethlehem, as well as the thousands of tourists who pass through Bethlehem every year. While the centre is certainly meant as a focal point for the local community, it is also meant as a springboard for international exchange and the promotion of Palestinian cultural heritage from hereto everywhere else.      

Contact Information:
Address: Manger Square, Bethlehem
Tel:972 (0) 2 2766677  
Fax:972 (0) 2 2741057  

Crib of the Nativity Museum

The Museum offers visitors 31 magnificent 3 dimensional models which take the visitor on a trip across time and space starting with the Creation and highlighting the significant stages of Jesus’ life. The Theatre offers a wonderful animated show , about 17 minutes.       The Exhibition captures the imagination and work of some of the most famous artists in the world as they try to depict the envision the miraculous birth of Jesus through the eyes of their various nations.      

Contact Information:
Address: Manger Square Bethlehem
Tel # 02-276-0876      
Fax # 02-276- 0877      This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

International Nativity Museum

The Museum is located along the “Star Street”, the same way traditionally covered by the three Wise Men in order to meet the baby Jesus in the Nativity Grotto.       The way even today leads to the Manger Square, where is the Nativity Church. The visit of the Museum is guided by the collaborators or by the Salesians themselves in different languages.      

Contact Information:
To book your visit, please call: +970 598911511  
There is a fee to get to the Museum, please call to find out how much it costs to visit the International Nativity Museum

Palestinian Heritage Center (PHC)

The Center itself consists of a traditional living room, a furnished Bedouin tent, library, and an exhibition hall that can hold up to 150 people. Over the years, the center has put on numerous exhibitions, both in Palestine and in other countries, and has done lectures and seminars on the topic of Palestinian Heritage and traditional costumes. 

Contact Information:      
Address: Palestinian Heritage Center  Maha Saca  Manger Street, Bethlehem  P.O. box 146 PALESTINE  
Tel: +970-2-2742381
Tel/Fax: +970-2-2742642  

Turathuna - Center for Palestinian Heritage

The Center for Palestinian Heritage: Turtahuna, was officially dedicated on 1 June 2004.

Contact Information:

Address: Bethlehem University  
Tel # 02-274 1241  
Fax # 02 274 4440  

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