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Palestine Culture closely resembles the neighboring countries of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The Arabian culture also has a marked influence on the Palestine Society and Culture. The major aspects of the Palestine Society and Culture include the customs, religion, languages, literature, art, costumes and music of the land and its inhabitants. The culture of Palestine is still alive in the countries of Israel and Diaspora, although they are separate from the territory of Palestine.

The favorite food of Palestine Society and Culture include the bread, pasta, cheese, rice, sauces, soups and desserts. Herbs and spices are also popular with the Culture and Society of Palestine. Along with the mouth watering dishes, beverages, including liquor, wine, coffee, tea and other such drinks are increasingly becoming an essential part of the Palestine cuisine.

The languages that are mostly spoken in the country are those of the Arabic along with some Hebrew speaking people. The Armenian language is also used in Palestine Culture and Society, along with other languages like Samaritan Aramaic. There are also people belonging to some Samaritan Hebrew linguistic minorities’ community in the society of Palestine.

The major religions practiced by the culture and society of Palestine are those of Islam with a major section of the Sunni community, Druzism, Christianity, Samaritanism and Judaism.

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