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Welcome to; we are a group of native Christians from different denominations in the Holy Land. We are not affiliated with any religious or political institution. Our mission focuses on supporting the Christian Community in the Holy Land in response to the growing regional Israeli-Palestinian conflict and decline of the Christian minority. We support the Christian minority in the holy land through creating jobs for the youth, supporting the local artisans in Bethlehem District, and promoting tourism industry in Bethlehem.

Obethlehem is the virtual gateway to religious, historic and modern-day Bethlehem in Holy Land. It offers a comprehensive experience of today’s vital, fascinating urban center, providing unique religious, social and tourism services and bringing the Bethlehem experience to those who seek it.

At all you need to know about the people, major attractions, churches, culture and history of Bethlehem; the birthplace of the lord Jesus Christ and much more.

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