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A solidarity campaign by young people from Bethlehem in the winter season


As the Church prepares to celebrate for the World Day of the Poor, so that Christian communities increasingly become a stronger and palpable sign of the charity of Christ for the last and the most needy, the city of the Savior, once again, sends a message of love.

A winter campaign of an extraordinary collection of clothing was launched in recent months by the Local Council of Youth of Bethlehem, an organization founded in 2013, which, at the beginning of the winter season, decided to donate not only goods of primary necessity, such as clothing, but also a time for joy and sharing.

President of the Youth Council – Bethlehem
"This is the first youth organization in the city of Bethlehem, with its 15 members representing all the boys in the city - a sort of city council for young people. Its goal is to create a platform for them, encouraging them to express their problems and find solutions."

Member of the Youth Council – Bethlehem
"We do this to educate youngsters about people with special needs because we have noticed that they are unaware of this reality. We want to bring the young people closer to the needy.”

The desire to help and to serve others, as well as to demonstrate the altruism of the people of Bethlehem, has inspired this group of youngsters to be an example for others with this gesture of generosity, because "Giving makes us and others happy”
(Pope Francis)

Member of the Youth Council – Bethlehem
"We decided to come here to attract the attention of young people from Bethlehem to this institute, so that other people learn to sacrifice part of their time to come here: this will bring joy to their hearts."

Member of the Youth Council – Bethlehem
"I am very happy today because I spent my time helping those marginalized by society."

The 'Hogar Niño Dios' institute, a home for children who are disabled, abandoned or in serious need, is the recipient of this gesture of love. In a society where having disabled children is sometimes considered as a sign of divine punishment and therefore of marginalization, this oasis represents a sign of peace and hope.

Community 'NIÑO DIOS' – Bethlehem
"Having these children among us, Christians and Muslims, who are doing this work of mercy, is a beautiful thing that we have never seen before, especially in a country of Arabs where the Muslim religion prevails.
It is wonderful to know that God exists and can do wonders in a man's heart, especially with these children. The fact that these young people, in times like these, take care of disabled children who really need human love is really a beautiful thing: it shows that God is merciful to men and that He wants to save them by means of these children.”

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